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About us

About us

We are rum lovers who regularly test and share our tasting experiences with each other. Together, we decided that thanks to our combined professional backgrounds, it would make a lot of sense to create an application that would make it easier for us to orient ourselves in the global market. By compiling all the price data, and incorporating our own collections, we would be able to quickly find the best deals for buying new bottles at the best possible price.

Our database

56 419
31 last week
772 807
completed auctions
6 484 last week
1 380
e-commerce sites monitored
12 last week
1 233 162
offers in our database
9 354 last week
1 867
live auctions
24 428
stock offers
3 414
1 626 distilleries
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Team behind SpiritRadar

Jan Kvasnička
Jakub Kašparů
Jan Balek
Jan Smitka
Vladimír Smitka

Development team

Josef T.
Klára M.

Research team

Kristýna T.
Kateřina F.
Michaela K.
Michaela V.

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