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The latest news on SpiritRadar.com and rum & whisky markets.
SpiritRadar World Whisky Day Deal

Celebrate World Whisky Day with Savings from SpiritRadar! Unlock the world of whisky with a special offer from SpiritRadar! Use code WHISKYDAY to enjoy a whopping 25% discount on all subscription plans. But act fast – this offer is valid until May 21st only! The discount must be applied no later than May 21st, when […]

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Vladimir: My Rum Journey with Spirit Radar

An interview with Vladimir - one of the founders of Spirit Radar - about his journey to rum, his favorite flavors, collecting Silver Seal bottles and a bit about the background of Spirit Radar.

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SpiritRadar.com update March 2024

With this update, we're pleased to present the latest enhancements and additions within the SpiritRadar app. Pay with PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay You can now subscribe and pay securely via PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. Enjoy uninterrupted access to our app's features with your preferred payment method. Newly added bottles During February, we added 139 rum bottles and 938 whisky […]

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SpiritRadar.com update February 2024

Hello from the SpiritRadar Team! In this update, we'll share what's new in the SpiritRadar app. Improved email notifications The offer notifications in your inbox have received a makeover. The subject line is now shorter, and the preview text includes both the bottle price and the store. This enhanced preview allows you to quickly assess the attractiveness of the […]

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SpiritRadar.com update January 2024

Hello from the SpiritRadar Team! Happy New Year! We hope your holidays were filled with joy. Welcome to our January update, packed with exciting updates and upcoming events. Export Your Collection Your collection can now be exported to an Excel (XLSX) file, which includes all the essential information about each bottle in your collection. This export feature can […]

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The Highest-Value Growth Rum Bottles of 2023

Introduction: In the spirited world of collectibles, rum has sailed upwind, capturing the hearts of connoisseurs and investors alike. As we navigate through the rich waters of aged distillations, the year 2023 has seen remarkable growth in the value of certain coveted bottles. SpiritRadar, the beacon for rum and whisky aficionados, has charted the course […]

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SpiritRadar.com update December 2023

Hello from the SpiritRadar Team! Season's Greetings in the December edition of our update post, brimming with exciting updates from the realm of SpiritRadar and the ever-evolving landscapes of the rum and whisky market. Step into the festive spirit with this joyous season's latest highlights and discoveries! Are you searching for the perfect gift for a rum […]

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