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Spirit Radar takes your passion for rum and whisky to the next level, enriching your experience with powerful insights and makes you elite collector. With our app, you get more than just an alert system; you gain access to detailed price histories, up-to-date market trends, and a comprehensive directory of bottles. Whether you're a collector looking to showcase your acquisitions, a professional seeking industry insights, or a beginner eager to start your journey in spirit investments, Spirit Radar is the must-have tool you need for success. Our data-driven features are not only powerful but also simple to use, ensuring anyone can make savvy decisions and grow their collection.

Why wait? Discover how Spirit Radar keeps you connected with the spirit world below.

Here are the key features we offer:

Bottle Price History

Discover the price trends for bottles since 2012, based on actual eshop offers and auction data. This information helps you see how bottle values change over time, making it easier to decide when to buy or sell for your collection.
Make smarter buying and selling decisions with a clear view of past and present market prices.
Ideal for collectors and investors who want to follow market trends and bottle values.
Bottle Price History
We have a huge amount of data, and we add more every day
166 177
215 last week
2 578 356
completed auctions
7 382 last week
1 564
e-commerce sites monitored
0 last week
3 067 608
offers in our database
13 338 last week
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Instant Bottle Alerts

Create a watchlist and get immediate alerts when a bottle you're following is available or drops in price.
Stay informed without the need to keep checking — we'll send you updates automatically.
Great for anyone who wants to quickly buy their favorite bottle when it's available.

Your Personal Bottle Tracker: Four Simple Steps

Watch a Bottle
Choose and add bottles to your personal watchlist.
Get Notified
Receive an email when a watched bottle is available or priced right.
Buy Smart
Use our insights to purchase at the best price.
Enjoy Your Spirit
Add it to your collection and savor the acquisition.
Learn About Bottle Tracking

Shopping Tips for Top Bottle Deals

Our app checks thousands of new offers from more than 1,500 online stores every day, helping you find the best deals on spirits. Shop smart with our Shopping Tips insights.
Discover unbeatable deals to grow your collection.
A treasure for those who love finding the best price for premium bottles.
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Organize and Value Your Collection

Keep track of and appreciate the worth of your collection with our app. We provide you with a simple way to catalog your spirits, see how your investment grows and celebrating the progress of your collecting journey.
Instantly see how much your collection could be worth.
Ideal for every collector, whether you're safeguarding your investment, planning to sell, or just admiring your selection.
Spirit Collection Value
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Explore the TOP 100 Trending Bottles

Check out which bottles are hot in the market with our regularly updated TOP 100 list. This easy-to-follow list points out which bottles are on the rise, helping you understand where to invest next and make smart choices that others might overlook.
Spot hidden investment opportunities with our unique data on which bottles are gaining value.
Great for both new and experienced collectors looking to make savvy choices and be on top of the game.
Spiritradar Top100
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Auction Explorer

Look through many auction listings with our Auction Explorer to find rare and popular bottles. Keep track of ongoing auctions and get alerted before they end, so you never miss out.
Gain access to a worldwide selection of bottle auctions.
Great for collectors who want to save time and see what's happening across more than 20 auction sites all in one place.
Learn more about Auctions

Even More Features Waiting for You!

Stay on top of the game with features that keep you updated on the bottle market. Our app gives you the power to track sales and offers from leading shops and auctions, providing you with up-to-date market insights. Easily search and sort through our extensive database to find exactly what you're looking for. Customize how you view bottles to match your preferences, and get all the latest news on rum and whisky events.

Support When You Need It:
We're here to help with any questions, big or small, through our in-app support team.

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