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We are rum aficionados ourselves and we know how difficult it is to finally get ahold of that dream bottle. Or to taste rum that you have never tried before. As such, we appreciate all the more the testimonials of our customers, to whom the application has helped to save time and money, and above all has brought the joy of tasting some new bottles!

Maciej Kossowski

CEO Wealth Solutions SA

Spirit Radar is my daily tool that become crucial for my busines. As an independent bottler I follow my bottles (The Colours of Rum) on various e-commerce sites. On the other hand, a spirits' collector I use Spirit Radar to chase bottles I want to buy or sell. I also use "my collection" tool to value my own bottles. Spirit Radar become really useful and I can see the team works systematically to improve the app. I will surely remain loyal user.

Kim Pedersen

Mastertaster at Romdeluxe

We have used Spirit Radar since the very beginning. Both in our business and for private use. It is a fantastic tool to keep you updated in the market. It can be very time consuming to find an exact bottle somewhere in the world, but with Spirit Radar, you can get that information within seconds. We have also used it when we need to keep track of our bottles and see what our customers wants. Besides that, its an interesting platform, when you want to explore the rum world, or search for bottles that could be really hard to find in the normal stores. It is very easy and intuitive to use.

Volkmar Weber

CEO / Owner www.whiskytempel.de

In a dynamic market environment, it is very difficult even for someone who deals with the subject on a daily basis to always have an overview of all developments. Especially when trading rare whiskies and rums, Spiritradar helps me to get a quick overview of prices, availabilities and investment dynamics. Often I get offered larger lots and in a fraction of the time used so far I can make a realistic analysis about the value. Spiritradar has a useful shortcut on my home page in the web browser, as I use the service practically every day.

Giancarlo Zilio

Art dealer / rum enthusiast

Spiritradar.com is the perfect application that makes life easier for rum aficionados. Very useful in finding and pointing out the bottles you are looking for. Excellent tool to always have at hand the market trend and the real values ​​of the bottles. Recommended for all rum collectors and drinkers!

Jonas Rasmussen

Rumlover and collector

I use Spirit Radar to keep track of my current collection of bottles, and I can easily find and track info on bottles I am interested in. Whether I need to sell or buy privately, Spirit Radar helps me value the bottles, and find the best place to buy bottles I like with retailers or auctions. It’s a great tool that has helped me source many hard to find bottles.

Pavel Ungr

Founder of rum magazine RumRock

"Spirit Radar lit up the rum world like an extra aged Caroni on steroids. There was nothing like it before, yet it was so needed: tracking bottles, average prices and price trends. This is a critically important function for rum fans, bloggers and distributors. As a content creator, I appreciate the major time savings and convenience this site brings to my work."

Lucie Hlaváčová

Rum specialist and podcast creator

"Rum is my livelihood, so it has always been important for me to keep everything organized in one place. Spirit Radar made that possible. I can keep track of important events without time-consuming internet searches or checking my calendar. Plus I know where to buy a bottle for the best price and I can track expenses at the same time. I particularly appreciate the pictures of bottles including all previous versions. The whole site is easy to navigate and I don’t use anything else to keep records of my collection."

Vít Šafář

Co-founder, hedonist

"We focus on special spirit tastings. We often want to taste or put in our collection bottles that never reach local markets, so we have to search in other countries. Spirit Radar gives us the opportunity to search and compare prices for bottles in stores and at auction, as well as to get notifications when they appear somewhere. It saves us a lot of time and money."

Krzysiek Piaseczny

"A very interesting platform that contains everything I need to probe the rum market or searching for specific bottles around the world. Until now, to get a lot of information contained in the platform, it was necessary to spend days or even weeks. Here is everything in one place. Huge information base based on many functions that make it easier to find what I am currently looking for."

Our customers also say

Jaroslav Kraif

"As a person who likes buying and opening interesting bottles, I find Spirit Radar absolutely essential and have no idea how I could have gotten by without it for so long. It can even locate bottles you would never have found yourself, it shows you the best price, keeps track of news, and saves you a ton of money and time."

Jiří Naller

"We all know what it’s like endlessly browsing the internet trying to find that one particular bottle for a great price. Sometimes it can take hours, yet Spirit Radar cuts that time to a minimum. It’s incredible to think how we could have lived without all these great functions for so long. You just search for what you need and get average prices, information about the bottles, auctions and set up email notifications. You create your own collection where you can see how much you’ve spent or earned and much more. It makes life much easier for rum beginners, connoisseurs, sellers, collectors and everyone else in the rum world."

Lee Sernehov

"Amazing website, it’s easy to use. You can search by brand, country etc and I found three bottles I’ve been searching for 👍

Bottles I need to find I added to my watchlist.

And theres information about upcoming events 🥰

I Can really recommend this website."

Jiří Mikulica

"Spirit Radar is the perfect tool for me to check current rum prices. It saves me a lot of time looking for specific bottles. I just enter the bottle I want to track and Spirit Radar finds it for me out of all the e-shops in the world. As a rum enthusiast and budding collector I really appreciate this tool."

Ondřej Hošek

"I am a fan and collector of rum, specializing in a specific brand: Zacapa. I could hardly believe it, but Spirit Radar helped me find several bottles I had been attempting to hunt down for a long time, and I even managed to get them for a good price. I couldn’t have done it without this application, or it would have been for a far higher price. Thumbs up from me for Spirit Radar."

Míra Stříška

"Spirit Radar is a unique application, fantastic idea, the Holy Grail for all collectors, enthusiasts, secret alcoholics and anyone else looking for their favorite bottle or any other information about bottles. It saves tons of time and money. Highly recommended."

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