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Shopping Tips

Shopping Tips

Are you looking for bottles at the best price? Or do you want to taste new bottles, but do not want to overpay for them? We have prepared the Shopping Tips feature just for you. For each bottle, we calculate and compare the average market value with the current price, and then sort them by biggest savings, to find you the best possible deals. All findings are for in stock bottles. Save time and money with us.

Are you looking for new bottles to try or for bargain deals?

Keep an eye on the Shopping Tips section and you will never miss out on these rare finds. We regularly evaluate findings from all e-shops in the system.

We evaluate offers for hundreds e-shops that we have in the application

We check e-shops several times every day

Shopping Tips include filtering for greater clarity while searching

You will only see a list of the bottles you need. You will find new and interesting offers faster and easier.

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You get access to the premium version. Simply enter your email and phone, no credit card required.

Frequently asked questions

How often do you check e-shops?

We give each e-shop a coefficient based on the number of great offers and new bottles, which we use to decide which e-shops to check more frequently than others to find you the best offers as quickly as possible. Usually, we check most eshops multiple times per day.

I got a notification, but the bottle is no longer in stock

Sometimes you get a notification, but the bottle is no longer in stock. That means that someone bought it after we sent you the email or the e-shop took it down and is not selling it anymore. 

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