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Auction tracking

Track all auctions in one place

You probably follow several auction portals, and thanks to us you can watch them all in one place: Ebay.com, Rumauctioneer.com, Whisky.auction, Whiskyauctioneer.com, Whiskyauction.com, Catawiki.com, Scotchwhiskyauctions.com, Whiskyhammer.com and more. We will always send you a notification that an auction is about to end so that you never miss an opportunity.

We will always notify you of new auctions for watched bottles

If you are already watching a bottle and it goes to auction, we will always notify you

We will notify you of auctions ending soon

You will always receive an email with a list of auctions that are just about to end

You can see the complete history of prices in auctions

Each bottle has a separate price section just for auctions, so you see how the prices at auctions have changed

All auctions with filters

You can easily filter through all auctions at once

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Frequently asked questions

How is it that the history goes back to 2012?

We started collecting data several years ago for our own use. We even managed to use a variety of archival sources to gather data on sales at auctions dating back to 2012. This data allows us to create a better overview of long-term developments in prices.

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