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Historical bottle data

Historical overview of bottle prices and sales

We strive to obtain as much information and data as possible about each bottle. For some bottles, we have a history of prices since 2012, and we are constantly expanding our database, adding new e-shops and new auction portals. As a result, you have a better overview of current prices and stock in e-shops. We hope that you will enjoy being able to add to your collection and taste new bottles at a great price, just as we are doing.

Track bottle prices

You can watch the development of all prices, or you can choose only e-shops prices or only auction prices

Robust filtration

We have provided robust filtration for you according to the most important parameters, so that you can find the bottles you are looking for as quickly as possible.

Number of places where the bottle is currently being sold

Easily see how many stores are selling each bottle, so we can determine whether it is a frequent or limited sale

Other bottles from the series

We are gradually adding series labeling so that you can see how many bottles are in each series and which ones you still need to buy

Didn't find the bottle you were looking for?

Send us the missing bottle via the form in the system and we will track down where this bottle is currently for sale

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Frequently asked questions

How is it that the history goes back to 2012?

We started collecting data several years ago for our own use. We even managed to use a variety of archival sources to gather data on sales at auctions dating back to 2012. This data allows us to create a better overview of long-term developments in prices.

The e-shop I’m looking for is not in your system. What now?

There are really a lot of e-shops that sell alcohol, and each one has to go through manual approval for proper inclusion in the system. If we are missing an e-shop, please send it to us via the "Add e-shop" function and we will add it as soon we can.

How many e-shops do you gather data from?

We gather data from hundreds of e-shops. You can see the current number of e-shops, after logging in to the application, at the bottom, or in the "Stores" section, where you can also search for specific e-shops.

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