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Choose which bottles to watch and if we find the bottle in stock or in an auction, we will automatically send you an e-mail. If you are watching the auction, we will send you a notification that the auction is coming to an end. In the future, according to your preferences, we will send you tips on the best deals through Shopping Tips. Information about events in the rum community and lots of other useful information.

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Choose which bottles to watch

You choose the bottles you want to monitor and for which you should receive notifications of new findings

Choose which auctions to watch

We will always notify you in advance that the auction is coming to an end so that you do not forget

We will also send you the offers via e-mail

We currently have only one email setup, we'll be adding more options in the future to make it as convenient as possible

Frequently asked questions

I get notifications too often. What can I do?

If you are getting notifications too often, you can reduce the number of bottles you’re tracking. In the future we plan to offer new settings where you can choose how often to receive notifications. You will be able to set it according to your needs.

I got a notification, but the bottle is no longer in stock

Sometimes you get a notification, but the bottle is no longer in stock. That means that someone bought it after we sent you the email or the e-shop took it down and is not selling it anymore. 

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