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Austrian Empire Navy Rum

Austrian Empire Navy Rum

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Albert Michler Distillery's objective is to capitalize on the golden period of this brewery and recreate its history. The Albert Michler Distillery was established around 1863 in Buchsdorf (Buková), a prominent community in the Silesia area; it is located in the Czech Republic. The distillery's golden era was during the time of the court distribution to the Austrian monarch, but the reputation of those days faded. However, historical curiosity and a reverence for the past led to a rebirth during 2014, which the refinery still enjoys today.

Official website: austrianempirenavy.com

Albert Michler Distillery Int. Ltd. in the United Kingdom is not an immediate descendant of the historic Austrian Silesia enterprise "Albert Michler, Buchsdorf, Likör - Rum - und Spiritus Fabrik in Buchsdorf." Michler alcohol is now made in the United Kingdom, but with tremendous reverence for their forefathers. Nevertheless, the firm is bound by previous practices. There were moments when Germans, Czechs, Austrians, Hungarians, Croatians, Slovenians, and other countries coexisted harmoniously under the Austrian-Hungarian Empire's single Crown. Honor took precedence over law back then. According to the idea, the biggest difficulty is to seek and safeguard the history of dads and grandparents and their achievements.

Albert Michler intended to start a liquor distillery in the Silesia hamlet of Buchsdorf in 1863. This choice was made because of the soil in this new province. In addition, upper Silesia in the Austrian-Hungarian Empire was rich in freshwater and provided enough seasonings to produce spirits and other alcohol.

Albert Michler was indeed a remarkable individual and a successful businessman. Franz Michler, his father, was a landlord in the hamlet of Buchsdorf. Albert was a skilled proprietor, but more importantly, he created the world-renowned liquor "Original Buchsdorfer Magenbitter." A liquor that was great not only in terms of taste but also had therapeutic properties. When cholera ravaged the area during the Austro-Prussian War in 1866, Albert Michler created an expedient hospital for afflicted troops. He called a doctor and caregivers to administer his herbal liquor to the sufferers. Many lives have been saved due to the efficacy of these alternate ways. "Albert Michler Likör-, Rum und Spiritus Fabrik" was among Austria's finest breweries and rum storehouses. Albert Michler provided rums to the Imperial and Royal Courts and the Austro-Hungarian Imperial Navy.

The conclusion of World War II was also disastrous for the brewery. Albert Michler Spiritus Fabrik's colorful and exciting lifestyle was a history to continue, therefore appreciating the labor of the forefathers. The exodus of the "Sudeten" Germans from Silesia and the establishment of the Communist system altered the past of one of Central Europe's greatest illustrious makers and distributors of liquors and rums.


Austrian Empire Navy Rum Reserva is made in small volumes using aged rum from various hand-picked casks. This modern jewel, matured in the US and French oak casks, is a beautiful moderate Barbados Rum, sensuous and delicious with a remarkable fragrance. It has a superb dark mahogany hue and sophisticated smells. Most of the brand's rum is light and sugary on the tongue, with a long aftertaste. There is just one word to describe it: incredible.

The Reserva 1863 is a piece of heritage that comes alive. This jewel, packaged in a Spicy Rum bottle, reflects the distillery's foundation narrative, which started around 1863 with Albert Michler's distillery. The corporation is now situated in England, but its tribute demonstrates that it has not abandoned its roots. Aside from the vintage element, the Reserva 1863 impresses its superb quality and first-rate pleasure. The Barbados mix is matured in American and French oak casks. The imperial drop may entirely stun with its luscious, delicate sweetness and remarkable scent. On the nose, it has a rich aroma that is sweet, vanilla-like, and somewhat roasted. The taste is light and delightful, with fruity undertones of vanilla and caramelized bananas. The rum finishes mellow, smooth, and extremely long-lasting.

Due to updated EU laws for the manufacturing and labeling the rums, the Austrian Empire Navy Rum Reserva 1863 may only be used with the label "rum-based spirit" at the current time. But, of course, the substance stays the same; just the name changed.


Excellent, unusual, and highly remarkable Austrian Empire Navy Rum Solera 25 years has a fresh scent and a richer fruit taste. Extended maturations properly complement each other. In addition, it has an eye-catching, extremely dark mahogany hue.

Austrian Empire Navy Rum Solera 25 is a contemporary fashion rum with a unique, strong, and one-of-a-kind flavor. In the Dominican Republic, the solera technique is used to slow maturing. It is a strictly limited edition - just 890 bottles were created globally. Each bottle has a distinctive serial number. Its color is somewhat darkish mahogany. Tropical fruits, berries, and ripe essence are well harmonized in the aroma. In addition, there is a note of fruit, herbs, chocolate, dried fruits, and caramel on the tongue.


The title implies that this liquor hails from Austria. Far from it, the Albert Michler distillery is located in the British city of Bristol, and the spirit is from the Dominican Republic. Albert Michler was a supplier to the Austrian-Hungarian court in 1863 and the first to advertise Caribbean rum in Europe.

This rum was initially aged in old bourbon casks before being aged in old cognac barrels built of French Limousin wood for another 12-16 months.

The rum smells of vanilla, caramel, and molasses and tastes rich, dark chocolate and nougat. There is an exquisite and gentle perfume, luscious grapes, and pure vanilla, with a hint of aromatic oak and red berries in the backdrop.

On the tongue, the flavor is gentle and mouth-filling, a mild, delightful taste of fresh grapes and maple syrup, complemented by subtle flavors of natural herbs, malt, and wood. The rum has a lengthy, somewhat spicy aftertaste.

Rum bottles from Austrian Empire Navy Rum

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