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Bellamy's Reserve Rum

Bellamy's Reserve Rum

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Whydah Gally's Captain Sam Bellamy found Bellamy's Reserve Rum. Those who don't know him could assume he was a ruthless pirate who amassed a massive fortune while plundering the Caribbean. But the fact is that he was a driven, honest, and honorable guy who strove for success in all areas of his life. A skilled and courageous captain, he set off in search of Bellamy Reserve Rum to keep himself and his crew occupied over the long Caribbean evenings. It is one of the best rums in the whole Caribbean. Every barrel used in the aging process of Bellamy's Reserve Rum is handpicked and one of a kind.

Official website: bellamysreserverum.com


Bellamy's Reserve Guyana Cask Finish is a Barbados-made rum. It was packaged by the private bottler PEROLA, who also handled the selection process. It matured after being distilled from Molasses. Perhaps the finest of the original batch of Bellamy's Reserve Rum, this extraordinary barrel yielded an even richer and more complex rum.

Compared to the others, the Bellamy's Reserve Rum Guyana Cask Finish is not only much more fruity (particularly quince and pear), but also noticeably more sweet. Like the Guadeloupe finish, although more subdued, this one also has a faint medicinal aroma. The bitter undertones are a little more apparent. Unfortunately, the aftertaste is practically unpleasant due to the mixture of bitter elements, overwhelming sweetness, medical undertones, herbs, and fruit fragrances. The only noticeable part is the aftertaste.


Cask-finished rums of the highest quality are what you'll find in Bellamy's Reserve Rums. To create the Barbados Rum Series, a light Barbados rum was aged in unique ex-rum barrels from places including Guatemala, Guadeloupe, Belize, Jamaica, and Guyana. Five distinct gems, each with a different flavor and scent, were created from the same base rum. Raw sugar cane and molasses flavors and distinctive and exotic aromas like cinnamon and anise characterize Bellamy's Reserve Rum Belize Cask Finish. The taste of the rum remains on the tongue with the same calm consistency of a Caribbean tide.


This rum was first produced in 1983 at the Panamanian distillery known as "Alcoholes del Istmo," and it was matured for an unbelievable 37 years in a bourbon barrel. This liquid gold, produced at cask strength, shines because of its luscious body, robust flavor, and the beautiful dark, natural color. There are 275 bottles available all around the globe.

It's filled with a beautiful aroma of combined wood, vanilla, coconut, ripe plum, and coffee.


This rum was previously stored in a barrel with rum from Guadeloupe's Bellevue Distillery. It infused Barbados Rum with an aromatic bouquet of fresh eucalyptus, bitter almonds, and a slight smokiness. Collectors and connoisseurs of rare rums will likely be most interested in Bellamy's Reserve Rum Guadeloupe Cask Finished, the most outstanding of the collection.


A barrel was loaded with an eight-year-aged Barbados rum for the Bellamy's Reserve Rum Guatemala Cask Finish. But, of course, you didn't simply choose any barrel; you chose one that had formerly contained rum from Guatemala's Darsa Distillery. Once the product had relaxed for twenty months, the makers were pleased with the outcome. The resulting rum is mellow and sweet, satisfying the palates of rum connoisseurs of all stripes.

Rum bottles from Bellamy's Reserve Rum

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