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Beam Suntory owns Cruzan Rum, a rum manufacturer in Saint Croix, US Virgin Islands. It was founded in 1760 and claims to be "the most respected rum refinery in the world". The Nelthropp household has operated it for eight generations and through different modifications in corporate administration. The distillery is perhaps the leading provider of privately owned and distributor-label rum in the United States. Cruzan Rum also produces a genuine cane distilled alcohol (189-proof), available in the medical department of major supermarkets in the United States Virgin Islands. Cruzan is among the two rum refineries that are components of the American Whiskey Trail, owing to its significance in American heritage.

Official website: cruzanrum.com

Cruzan rum is prepared by the classic Cuban method, yielding an unusually clear and sleeker rum. Although Cruzan rums have had inconsistent results in global spirit rating contests, the single-barrel has done very well. Cruzan's best performance came from Beverage Testing Institute raters in 2009, who awarded it a 96 (out of 100). Proof66 ranks the single-barrel rum as one of the best 20 in the globe.

Cruzan Rum Distillery (previously Estate Diamond) stayed in business for almost 250 years. Six days a week, tours of the distillery and its antique grounds, including the ancient sugar mill, are available in Frederiksted.


Cruzan Black Cherry Rum, a mellow rum with the distinct sugary and tart taste of ripe cherries, is the superstar of your drink every time. This luscious cherry taste is well-liked in almost any social environment. The taste bursts, even more, when combined with tried-and-true classics such as Coca-Cola in the Cruzan Black Cherry Rum & Cola.

This rum is a rare mix of excellent Cruzan Rum and the embodiment of black cherry, with a fresh scent, robust taste of almonds, flowers, berries, and a calm finish. Cruzan's Black Cherry Rum is velvety, sweet, and tart, combining cherry tastes with Cruzan's distinctive distillation method for a punchy and silky spin on your lovely drinks. Mix it with coke for a delicious Black Cherry & Cola, or blend it with Cruzan Mai Tai, that's as scorching as the summer heat.

The aroma of juicy and seductive cherry smell is distinctively kirsch-like. The flavor is exquisite, with ripe cherry tastes at the entrance, graceful and balanced; the delightful taste extends into the mid-palate stage as the buttery texture covers the mouth in rich and authentic black cherry flavor. It finishes with a bit of crunch, but it's still a fantastic tasting rum.

Cruzan has a unique cherry taste that is sweet and silky. Cruzan Black Cherry Rum may be served over ice or combined with tropical fruit juices to make a cool summer drink.


Cruzan Black Strap Rum, rich, chilly, and fragrant, adds a surprising twist to your beloved tropical cocktails, mixing nicely with fruits like lemon, lime, ginger, and pineapple. Sweet molasses with bakery-fresh ginger snaps on the nose. Cruzan Black Strap Rum has a flavor similar to sweet molasses and natural ginger bites. Cruzan Black Strap Rum blends blackstrap molasses—an item recognized for its robust taste—with a distinctive old dark rum. It gives it a richness reminiscent of traditional military rums from the US Virgin Islands. The ultimate product is a harmonious yet rich spirit that bartenders around the world love. Use it as a topper on tropical cocktails like the Mai Tai and Piña Colada, or make a Jungle Bird with it.

Cruzan Black Strap Rum has a molasses taste that offers a unique touch to your tropical personal favorites. Typical flavor combos include lemon, lime, ginger, and pineapple and are best served as a finishing ingredient or floated atop tropical Tiki drinks. In addition, its strong black tint makes it ideal for giving a dash of rich hue to cocktails. In a mixer, combine one portion of Cruzan Black Strap and one part of Single Barrel Rum with two splashes of Angostura Bitters to make a Cruzan Dark Tide drink. Shake for 5 seconds, then pour into a Collins chilled glass and fill with ginger beer.

Navy Rum is heavier than traditional rums and has a molasses-like flavor. Cruzan Black Strap Rum is a lighter, less thick navy rum that is nonetheless full-bodied and flavorful.


Cruzan Single Barrel Premium Extra Aged Rum is a one-of-a-kind mix of classic rums matured between 5 to 12 years, combined, and fully aged in a single barrel for about one year. This distillery classic has benefited from the passage of time.

Cruzan Single Barrel Premium Extra Aged Rum has a rich and nuanced smell that includes deep oak tones, honey nectar and smoke, chocolate-baked nuts, cinnamon, and cherry. It has a broad wood flavor with coffee, nut, vanilla, and honey characteristics.

This moderate matured rum has a creamy texture and was precisely prepared to be enjoyed on a bright day in St. Croix.

Cruzan Single Barrel Rum, one of the most acclaimed matured rums on the market, provides a unique combination of elegant rums matured for up to 12 years and distilled one cask at a stretch. The rum boasts a balanced combination of caramelized richness and oak with a hot milky finish and is best drank neat or on the rocks.

The bottle's front label is straightforward and minimalist, with a simple image of a brig cruising close to a Caribbean island. The rum has an unusual texture to aid handling in hot temperatures, and the neck has yet another sailing boat engraved onto it, together with 1760, the year Cruzan was founded. The back contains a little label with the importer's information and Cruzan's address.

The lot and barrel code of the liquor in the bottle is indicated on the bottle's collar sticker. The genuine cork stopper is held in place by a sheet of green and white striped paper that goes down both ends of the neck.

Rum bottles from Cruzan

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