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The Isautier distillery has made rum in the finest tradition of Reunion for almost 170 years. This rum, whose primary ingredient, sugar cane, is strongly associated with Reunion's agricultural tradition, is an essential aspect of the community.

The idea is to create a rum that represents the fruits and herbs of Reunion. The distillery continues to produce fresh rum in the quest for the latest trends. Everyone should learn about the various rum products and develop their tastes. This will enable you to have a one-of-a-kind voyage into the spirit of Reunion, mostly with rum and its original tastes.

Official website: isautier.com

During the time of King Louis Philippe 1st of France, Louis and Charles Isautier ventured from central France across the seas to Reunion island. Captivated by the island's abundance of sugar cane, they established the family company in 1845. Six eras of the Isautier household have contributed to the illustrious legacy of Reunion Island's finest distillery.

Louis and Charles founded the Isautier family company, which still exists today. It is Reunion Island's original rum distillery and the island's oldest rum company. Six generations of knowledge have been handed down, producing an epic saga that spans over two hundred years.

The production of classic rum starts with the diluting of molasses, leftover from the creation of sugar, and the inclusion of fermentation yeasts. After twenty-four hours, we get a liquid with an alcohol percentage of 5 or 6%, which we name wine. Next, a steam boiler heats the liquid within a first distillation process of 21 stacked trays: the alcohol dries and reaches the top plates, while the leftover liquid, known as vinasse, is trapped on the bottom plates and removed. At the conclusion of this phase, the phlegm, or evaporated component, starts to settle and condense within a second, relatively narrow column. The 18 trays of this density column, when carefully steamed, allow for the separation of distinct scented compounds of alcohol: the base oils are placed on the bottom trays, the strong oils on the middle trays, and the heads, light components with a green apple fragrance, climb to the top layers. 

The distillers will use a modest dose of the different components to create the smells at their leisure. Roughly every 10 years, the antique cane crusher, existing since 1850, is "revived" at the Isautier Distillery: the tactile monster reunites with indigenous processes to produce an agricultural rum of remarkable character. 

Approximately 4,000 hectoliters of classical rum formed by Isautier distillers are offered straight or entrusted to Sopavi to create grouped rums, old rums, punches, and other liqueurs each year. Beyond the mechanical techniques used, all have the imprint of the goldsmith's workmanship of the men of Maison Isautier. They have dedicated their technical expertise and passion to authentic rum for five generations. As a result, Distillerie Isautier was able to adjust its products to shifting tastes and customer preferences throughout its existence. Its present offering includes a wide variety of specialties ranging from some of the most packed to the most fruity flavors, all of which are of comparable quality.

Some utilize various kinds of rum-based on their abilities to increase the intended taste: the "Grand Arôme," which, as the title implies, acts as a reward, or the "Rhum Léger," which is used, for instance, in Punches. Some rums are as old as 20 years. The Isautier Distillery, which reconnected with the aging heritage in the 1970s, is alone on the market to provide rums up to 20 years old and matured agricultural rums with exceptional aromatic subtlety. Plantation and Agricole white rums offer plenty to thrill enthusiasts of powerful sensations amid the rums to be savored straight or in cocktails. The strength of Arranged Rums, Punches, and Liqueurs' scents is due to the sole use of natural herbs and citrus. When the skill of distillation is joined with ingenuity and excellent taste, Maison Isautier invites you to explore a new universe of flavors: the world of Reunionese rum, sweet and dazzling in the picture of his nation.


Isautier currently offers a selection of Old Rums aged up to 20 years for the enjoyment of genuine enthusiasts.

Isautier is also the only rum business on Reunion that serves old agricultural rums. The rums destined for aging are prepared from the most excellent cane and are meticulously cared for: matured in European oak casks, their progress is monitored each year.

The rum develops its rich woody color, a blend of gold and caramel, and all of its aromatic subtleties throughout the course of this meticulous process: robust and forceful for the 5 and 10 year old bottles, it advances onto a more nuanced aromatic delicacy after 15 or 20 years.


This rum is an imaginative combination of agricultural rums and conventional rums matured for five years in French oak casks, producing a remarkably distinctive and complex rum.

The fragrance is a clean, lively, and balanced rum, with notes of sugar cane and fresh fruit mingling with vanilla and wood smells. This rum has outstanding plumpness on the tongue, and its refinement is reflected by the flavor of vanilla and a faint oak note, which mixes nicely with the touch of fresh fruits and herbs. It's a delicate, silky, fresh, flowery, and tropical rum that symbolizes Reunion Island's personality.

Rum bottles from Isautier

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