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La Mauny

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The story of La Mauny Distillery is the story of a family-owned business and its passion for creating one of the finest rum in Martinique and one of the oldest in the Caribbean. The distillery was founded in 1909 by Narcisse La Mauny, who started producing Rhum Agricole, a type of white rum made from sugarcane juice.

Official website: maisonlamauny.com

In 1820, the field which then produced only sugar and tafia, the ancestor of rum, developed a new production of Agricultural Rum (Rhum Agricole), created from the pure fresh juice of the sugar canes of the plantation. Rhum agricole has seen a resurgence.

In 1923 which is 100 years later, the brothers Théodore and Georges Bellonie took possession of the estate. Their complementarity, one at the distillery, the other at the trading, quickly elevates La Mauny to the rank of a true pioneer. In 1950, La Mauny became the first brand of rum to export its screen-printed bottles labeled beyond its commune to the whole island and even to the Metropole.

Located in the South of Martinique, the commune of Pilot River, the cradle of Maison La Mauny, benefits from a unique micro-climate in Martinique. This green valley, hot and very humid, experiences less rain and more sunshine than the average for the island. Combined with a volcanic soil of black clay and Grand Cru terroir, the canes have exceptional sugar content.

For the production of its rums, Maison La Mauny uses 5 of the 14 varieties of sugar cane authorized by the AOC (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée). It sources 70% from small neighboring producers sharing the principle of reasoned agriculture.

Almost half of the sugar cane harvest used in rum production is traditionally cut by hand and processed in 24 hours—milling followers at the distillery, driven by a steam engine. Once filtered, this pure cane juice, also called "vévésou", is fermented before being distilled in Creole.

The La Mauny distillery produces rums with varying alcohol levels, preferably between 40% and 60%. In addition, aromas are being used to refine the lovely taste it has.


With its 50%, this agricultural rum is the iconic rum of the whites of Maison La Mauny in Martinique and, without question, the ideal rum for the famous Ti-Punch, a traditional drink from the West Indies. The perfect illustration of the respect for traditions and the richness of Maison La Mauny's know-how is a suave rum, floral and endowed with a beautiful and surprising aromatic personality. Her dress is colorless, dense, and crystalline. Nose to the scents of sugar cane, notes of coconut milk associated with exotic flowers. A bright and aromatic mouth with shades of flowers and ripe fruit scents. Beautiful aromatic persistence and attractive sweetness. This explains why the rum received a total of 7 awards in 2018 alone.


This flavorful blend is a result of the perfect balance of rums aged in French and American oak casks. The delicate spices and floral notes create a sophisticated flavor profile. The color is shiny and luminous with nice golden highlights. Rich and pleasingly smooth, the taste combines freshness and complexity. The finish is long and subtle; a balance model between a full body and complex aromas.
Maison La Mauny VSOP is a unique blend of several Agricole rums, all aged over 4 years in the tropical warmth of the Estate Cellars and with an average age of 6 years.


Finishing 3 months in casks that contained Ruby Port wine gives this Agricole rum its originality; it acquires the smoothness of Port wine and its notes of candied fruit. The color is straw-yellow with deep mahogany highlights. The aroma evolves into prevailing notes of plumb and Mirabelle, followed by notes of dried fruit after decanting. The taste is fresh and smooth with a mix of sugarcane juice and honey. The finish is long and full of savors of fruit. Following 12 to 18 months in oak tons, this Gold Agricole rum AOC Martinique benefits from specific 3-month finishing in Port wine casks.

The La Mauny Rum is truly one of the best rum in the world today due to the thoughtful process at the distillery, the climate condition of the sugar cane plantation, and the various cocktail that matches perfectly with the rum.

Rum bottles from La Mauny

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