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The Montebello distillery was built in 1930 under the name Carrère distillery - it was named after the village of the same name where the distillery was located. It was only in 1975 that the distillery was renamed Montebello and became the third largest distillery on the island of Guadeloupe.

Official website: rhummontebello.fr

The distillery prides itself on the organic nature of its production and the local nature of the products it processes into rums. The sugar cane is obtained from local farmers and two presses are used to process it. The cane residue from this process, called bagasse, goes into a furnace where it is burned to produce energy that powers both the two presses and partially supplies the town's electricity grid.

The distillery has 7 fermentation tanks and fermentation takes up to 52 hours. Some of the production is stored in barrels for maturation - here too the distillery prides itself on the unusual storage of barrels, which they store in metal containers. Montebello's range is wide-ranging - aged rum lovers and cocktail fans alike will be in for a treat. In addition to the classic bottles, the rums are also sold in boxes, as is the case with cask wines. In addition, there is a local pump in the town where the distillery is located for locals to tap the rum.


Distilled from fresh cane juice in 1982, this agricole rum has been aged in oak casks for at least 25 years. The amber colour in the luxury bottle hides rich woody notes with a hint of citrus. The spicy flavour is softened by vanilla and cinnamon dressed in tobacco undertones.


This rare premium vintage white rum is the result of careful selection, long aging, fermentation, and distillation to develop its exceptional aromatic power. The name evokes the cavalier Guadeloupean rooster and the cockfights that are typical of the island. This combative rum is dominated by a certain tropicality and the taste of ripe cane. The intensity of the rum is amplified by notes of pepper that wrap around the flavours of the fermented cane juice. Upon the first introduction, a surprising taste of honey and nougat develops in the mouth. With its dominant combination of lime and pepper, the finish is light and unforgettable.


This rum was distilled in February 2002 and spent 15 years in American bourbon oak barrels in the sunny climate of the Antilles. The luxurious bottle and beautiful mahogany colour hide an aromatic rum bursting with flavours of candied fruit and orange peel. From the bourbon barrels, a subtle taste of vanilla can be detected from the rum. The play of chocolate, tobacco and salted caramel with coffee plays out in full glory on the tongue. The finish is lightened by citrus, sweet spices, and woody notes. Only 623 bottles were produced.


This dark amber agricole rum has been aged in oak barrels for at least 8 years. Its flavour is more delicate than long-aged rums and its aroma is sweet. When opened, you will smell a whiff of fruit pickled in honey. The overall flavour is sweet but smooth, based on a perfect balance of spice, fruit notes, and honey.

Rum bottles from Montebello

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