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Savanna is named after the fertile and agriculturally attractive area of the same name around Saint-Paul. The origins of sugar cane processing in the area date back to the 17th century.

Official website: savanna.fr

The history of the Savanna distillery began to be written in the second half of the 19th century. The company that runs the distillery was founded in 1876. In the 1950s, the distillery underwent extensive renovation and, above all, modernisation. Emile Hugot was a major contributor to this development and was proud to be President of the Sucreries de Bourbon until 1979.

The rums have been aged here since the 1970s, and after modernisation at the end of the 20th century, the distillery began to produce light rums as well as classic brown rums. In the late 1990s, the distillery (like many others in the region) ran into financial problems and depended on help and supplies from the Bois-Rouge distillery. Eventually, Savanna joined forces with this company and weathered the rum crisis of the 1990s. Since then, the brand has had several successes and has grown considerably. But it didn't launch its own brand of rum until the new millennium.

Savanna rums are classified as molasses rums, with the production of light rums only for wholesale customers and distilleries. Sugar cane juice continues to be supplied by Sucrerie de Bois-Rouge. More than half of the sugar cane is harvested by hand because of the island's terrain, which does not allow the use of machinery. The distillery combines different fermentation methods for different rums (and raw materials). The distillery tries to filter the wastewater before it goes underground to prevent pollution of the surrounding countryside.


The beautiful bottle contains a unique honey-coloured single cask rum. The Unshared Casks edition was created under the supervision of the excellent Master Distiller Laurent Broc, who selected the best casks from the Savanna distillery. The rums from the Reunion area have an unmistakable flavour, which they acquire by maturing in the very humid climate typical of the region. The aroma of chocolate and nuts is complemented by the taste of pecan and dried fruit. The flavour develops gently with subtle spices, banana and dried figs, and plums.


This exclusive 2006 vintage rum belongs to The Wild Island Edition and was aged in ex-Cognac and ex-Armagnac barrels. The rums from this edition are produced in very small quantities, with only 250 bottles of this one being produced. The sweet flavour with notes of chocolate and candied fruit mingles with aromas of tobacco and leather. The subtle spices give it an almost minty finish on the tongue.


The rums referred to as "grand arôme" are inspired by the popular artisan rums of the 18th century. These rums are based on molasses and then undergo an extremely long fermentation (sometimes up to 15 days). Originally bottled to celebrate the 60th anniversary of La Maison du Whisky, these rums have since become a permanent part of the range. In the 57% alcohol white rum, you can taste the fresh and intense flavours of fruit, spices, and flowers.

Rum bottles from Savanna

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