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Transcontinental Rum Line

Transcontinental Rum Line

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Very few rum brands celebrate diversity as Transcontinental Rum Line. This rum celebrates the voyage of rum across different countries and brings an eclectic taste to the rum connoisseur. The Transcontinental Rum Line, or TCRL as it is more commonly known, is a rum brand distilled by La Maison du Whisky, one of the largest French distributors of rum. This family business was founded by Georges Bénitah in 1956, making this distillery fairly young compared to other luxury rums. His first shop was opened in 1968 in Paris, and two more followed in La Réunion and Singapore. Bénitah was also the first to import Scotch to France, establishing himself as a pioneer in the alcohol industry. The TCRL was launched in 2016 with the ageing clearly stipulated on the bottles. No sugar or colouring is added to this rum during production.


This rum was distilled in Jamaica at the Hampden Distillery, after which it is named. Distilled in the year 2000, the Hampden Line rum is made from premium quality molasses and left to age in a barrel for 16 years. It was released as a limited edition rum with only 177 bottles available.


Named after its country of origin, this bold Jamaican rum bursts with flavours and aromas. It was distilled in 2012 and left to age for 7 years in a barrel previously used for bourbon. It was released as a limited edition rum with only 470 bottles available. It presents itself as a rich, fruity drink with mineral notes and light polish on the nose. Upon tasting, it explodes onto the palate in flavours of banana, frangipane, and rancio. Its finish is winy and woody, giving the rum aficionado a rich and dark experience.


This rum offers the uniqueness of Trinidad and Tobago in a bottle. Distilled at the Trinidad Distillery, this rum was left to age for 17 years in a tropical climate before being aged for another 2 years in a continental climate. It spent its years maturing in two ex-bourbon barrels with a rare cask strength of 66.8%. This gives the rum a complex and dry profile and a sophisticated aroma on the nose. It has a dynamic, earthy palate with an expansive, polished mahogany finish. This limited-edition rum was released in 2019, and only 273 bottles were produced.


The Haiti Line rum offers a powerful taste experience that is true to the culture of its origin. Haiti is known for its impressive rum export, and this rum is no different. It was distilled in 2004 and aged for 14 years. It was released as a limited edition rum in 2018, and only 220 bottles were produced.

Rum bottles from Transcontinental Rum Line

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