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5/6 Application Settings

5/6 Application Settings

We'll take a look at a few application settings that are definitely worth exploring. 

To access the settings, use the top right menu.

Search History

Let's start with a quick tip. We know that remembering the exact names of many bottles can be challenging. That's why we've added a feature to Spirit Radar that tracks everything you've searched for in the app. This way, you can quickly go back to previous queries.

The last few searches will also be displayed when you click on the search bar.

Application Settings

You can tweak the default category filter settings in filtered reports in the Application Settings. Of course, you can easily disable this filter from the current report.

Limiting the region of the seller you want to receive notifications from can also be helpful. For example, you can turn off notifications about auction sales in Australia due to the high shipping cost if you live in Europe.

Watch Settings

As we have mentioned several times, bottle tracking is one of the key functions of Spirit Radar. For each bottle, you can set individual rules for notifications. However, in Watch Settings, you can set the default rules.

Currency Settings

Spirit Radar's default currency is Euros €, but we can convert it to your local currency at the current exchange rate for your convenience. You can find the Currency setting in your User Profile.

Today, we reviewed the options for setting up the app to suit your needs better. We'll wrap up our short tutorial in the next part with other quick tips!

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