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3/6 Bottle Detail

3/6 Bottle Detail

The bottle detail helps you decide what bottles to buy and at what price. You can see here the catalogue information we know about the bottle. If you have any information that we are missing or is inaccurate about a bottle, we would be happy to correct it - just use "Report incorrect parameter". You can also add your private notes to each bottle.

This demonstration shows the detail of one exceptional bottle from Velier's "Black Bottles" series. Visit the full profile here.

You may also notice a small graph next to the price in various app parts, which quickly indicates the price trend and year-over-year change in value.   We are moving on to the most crucial part - the price trend chart. Here you find a visualization of all the historical prices we have collected about a given bottle. For some bottles, we have data as far back as 2012. You can modify the time range and select the period you are interested in. You can also view this graph from the perspective of auctions or shops only.

The following graph is a graph of the bottle's availability over time. This information helps you decide if a given offer is genuinely unique or recurring every week.

The next part of the profile is a list of all the offers. From these offers, the current market value is determined. Here you can easily have all offers in stock in the shops and the ongoing auctions displayed. If there is a lot of offers, you may find it helpful to filter on the seller's country, as the country can significantly impact the shipping cost.

TIP: Read this article on The Lone Caner to learn more about the history of these great bottles.

You will also find quick links to other bottles of the brand, parametrically similar bottles or possibly other bottles in the series.

Today we've shown you how to use bottle information to make purchasing decisions. In the next part, we'll go over this topic in more detail.

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