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Famille Ricci

Famille Ricci

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Famille Ricci company, or rather its family headquarters, is based in Mougins, a southern French town known for its wide range of gastronomic and artistic experiences.

Official website: famillericci.com

The family has lived in the town for more than 50 years, but their independent bottling facility was only established in 2019. This young company is following in the footsteps of the English tradition, focusing on blends of molasses rums (such as those from Australia and Jamaica). The rums are most often aged in ex-bourbon barrels first in the tropics before being shipped to France, where they are processed.


This rum comes from the Familia Ricci limited edition collection and has been aged for 20 years - 13 years tropically and 7 continentally. Its profile and complexity is close to Jamaican and Guyanese rums, with notes of ripe fruit and roasted pineapple dominating the rum. Its aromas of coconut and vanilla meld with balsamic and spice on the finish.


This OVNI bottle is another of the limited editions of the Famille Ricci distillery. It is a blend of 23-year-old Caroni and 6-year-old Bielle aged together for 20 years in a bourbon barrel, adding authenticity and complexity to the rum. The flavour of this rum is very intense, woody, and spicy. Hints of rose essence, cinnamon, and liquorice weave through the smoky notes. From the very first notes, this rum is full of unusual aromas that give you a sense of endless finish and mysterious complexity.


Famille Ricci Influences No.1 is the first bottle of the "Famille Ricci" series. The rum was matured in different types of cask, ex-bourbon, ex-cognac, and white Pineau. Finally, the rum was stored in special smoked oak barrels. It is the technique of firing and heating these casks that is kept secret and gives the rum its unusual aroma. Once opened, you can enjoy the woody notes that interplay with tobacco, vanilla, and tannin.

Rum bottles from Famille Ricci

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