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Compagnie des Indes 2004 Haiti 11yo 59.4% 700ml
Compagnie des Indes 2004 Haiti 11yo 59.4% 700ml

Compagnie des Indes 2004 Haiti 11yo 59.4% 700ml

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Compagnie des Indes 2004 Haiti 11yo 59.4% 700ml information

The Compagnie des Indes 2004 Haiti 11yo rum is a distinguished single cask release, distilled in June 2004 at the renowned Barbancourt distillery in Haiti and bottled in October 2015. Only 286 bottles were produced from this unique barrel (BMH32), maintaining purity with no added coloring or chill filtration. This rum is a pure cane juice expression, setting it apart from molasses-based rums and highlighting the distinctive terroir of Haiti. Upon nosing, light ethers intermingle with fruity aromas reminiscent of Tutti Frutti candies. On the palate, it reveals a blend of fresh bread and a hint of salinity, culminating in a robust finish with intense fruit flavors and a pleasant oakiness. This rum embodies the quality and character synonymous with Haitian rum and exemplifies Compagnie des Indes' dedication to sourcing and bottling exceptional cask-strength rums.


  • What is the age of the Compagnie des Indes 2004 Haiti rum?

    This rum is aged for 11 years, having been distilled in 2004 and bottled in 2015.

  • How many bottles were produced?

    A limited release of 286 bottles was produced from this single cask.

  • What is the alcohol by volume (ABV) of this rum?

    The ABV of this rum is 59.4%.

  • Is this rum molasses-based?

    No, this rum is made from pure cane juice, not molasses.

  • Does this rum contain any added coloring or use chill filtration?

    No, this rum is bottled without any added coloring or chill filtration, ensuring its natural purity.

  • What are the unique characteristics of this rum?

    This rum showcases the unique terroir of Haiti with fruity aromas, fresh bread notes, slight salinity, and a robust, oaky finish.

Tasting notes

  • Aroma: Tropical fruits, earthy esters, lime, green apple, smoky notes
  • Taste: Fruity flavors, ripe papaya, sugarcane, sweet notes, tobacco, spice
  • Finish: Lingering, citrus notes, ginger warmth, bitter undertones, roasted hints
  • Overall: A complex and fruity rum with a sweet-yet-spicy character, offering a delightful balance of flavors and a memorable finish.

Reviewer's opinion

Despite a subtle aroma, this rum surprises with an explosive taste. Some reviewers noted that the alcohol could be better integrated, but overall, it offers a powerful and delightful experience. Its flavor is sweet with slight acidity, fruity, and less bitter. The preference for the cask strength is evident among enthusiasts.

Alc. Volume
59.4 %
700 ml
Bottled Year
11 years
Total Bottles

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Kim Pedersen

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