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The Nectar Of The Daily Drams 2021 Hampden Owen Kelly DOK White 60% 700ml
The Nectar Of The Daily Drams 2021 Hampden Owen Kelly DOK White 60% 700ml

The Nectar Of The Daily Drams 2021 Hampden Owen Kelly DOK White 60% 700ml

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The Nectar Of The Daily Drams 2021 Hampden Owen Kelly DOK White 60% 700ml information

The Nectar of The Daily Drams 2021 Hampden Owen Kelly DOK White is an unaged Jamaican rum, crafted with skill and passion at the renowned Hampden distillery. Bottled by the independent bottler, The Nectar, this 700ml rum is distilled from molasses using a traditional pot still and boasts a formidable cask strength of 60% ABV. The 2021 edition, bottled in 2022, encapsulates the raw, authentic spirit of Jamaican rum with its high ester profile, delivering an intense and multifaceted tasting experience.

On the nose, this rum presents an exciting and extremely fruity bouquet. Initial aromas are dominated by solvents, glue, and phenolic notes, mingling with olive brine and tropical fruits like pineapple and banana. Red fruits and squashed grapes add layers of complexity, while hints of raw honey and citrusy juniper provide a contrasting structure.

The palate is a complex dance of flavors, starting with an explosion of banana and esters, followed by tropical fruit and a creamy texture. The presence of glue and phenolic smoke is unmistakable, accompanied by more raw honey and sugarcane notes, intertwined with green, dry earth. Red fruit bubblegum, a touch of licorice, and a lightly woody and ashy backdrop complete the profile, making each sip a rich and evolving experience.

The finish is long and memorable, featuring smoky and ashy notes, red fruits, and aniseed. Despite its raw and potent nature, this rum can be appreciated both as a sipper and as a solid mixer option, particularly enhancing cocktails like the classic daiquiri. While some may find the ester and phenolic notes overpowering, others will revel in the bold, unapologetic character of this Jamaican gem.


  • What makes The Nectar of The Daily Drams 2021 Hampden Owen Kelly DOK White unique?

    This rum is distinguished by its high ester profile and cask strength of 60% ABV, offering an intensely fruity and phenolic experience typical of the Hampden distillery's signature style.

  • Is this rum suitable for mixing in cocktails?

    Yes, while it is an exciting sipper, this rum also excels as a mixer, especially in cocktails like the daiquiri, where its bold flavors can shine.

  • How does this rum compare to other DOK rums?

    Compared to other DOK rums, this version has a more restrained Jamaica funk and is slightly weaker in terms of alcohol integration. It may be less overwhelming for those new to high ester rums.

  • What flavors can I expect from this rum?

    Expect a complex interplay of fruity, phenolic, and savory notes, with tropical fruits, red fruits, esters, smoke, and spices creating a unique and memorable flavor profile.

Tasting Notes

  • Aroma: Solvents, olive, glue, pineapple, red fruits, grapes
  • Taste: Banana, ester, creamy, tropical fruit, glue, anise, licorice, caramelized
  • Finish: Anise, licorice, polish, ester, spice, tropical fruit, glue, red fruits, spice
  • Overall: This unaged rum offers a complex and multifaceted flavor profile, characterized by a potent combination of vegetal, fruity, phenolic, and sweet notes, resulting in a unique and memorable tasting experience.

Reviewer's Opinion

As a rum enthusiast, I'm captivated by the bold and unapologetic character of The Nectar of The Daily Drams 2021 Hampden Owen Kelly DOK White. Its high ester profile delivers an exciting and complex interplay of fruity, phenolic, and savory notes. This is a rum that demands attention, whether sipped neat or mixed into a cocktail. While it may not be for everyone, those who appreciate the raw, authentic spirit of Jamaican rum will find it a fascinating and rewarding experience.

Alc. Volume
60.0 %
700 ml
Bottled Year
Total Bottles

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