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The Macallan

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The Macallan distillery was one of the first distilleries in Scotland to get its legal license to make and sell whiskey. It was founded in 1824 by Alexander Reid on the plateau above the Spey River in northeast Scotland. Alexander Reid was a barley farmer and a school teacher who, like many other barley farmers in the area, used his leftover barley to make whiskey during the long, cold winters.

Official website: themacallan.com

The Macallan got its name from the original name for the area where the distillery now stands. The original name for the area was "Maghellan." "Magh" is the Gaelic word for fertile ground, and "Ellan" was named for an ancient monk in the area who helped found the church that stood in the area until around 1400. So as you can see, the history of the region, and its whiskey-making techniques, is quite old.

The Macallan's reputation is something its owners have always taken very seriously in its almost 200 years of business. That is why the distillery at The Macallan has always held tight to its six pillars of character. These six pillars encompass everything that the Macallan works towards, including the process of distilling and maturing whiskey and a strong sense of home and love.

Several factors make The Macallan stand out from other whiskeys. First, the distillery at The Macallan uses their patented "Curiously Small Stills." These small stills are uniquely shaped and provide the whiskey with maximum contact with copper. This gives the whiskey a rich and full-bodied flavor that has become a signature for the whiskeys from The Macallan.

The Macallan also only uses the finest cut in their bottling. Though it is only a small portion of spirit, this clear liquid is almost 70% alcohol by volume and is used as a starting point for all whiskey that is bottled from The Macallan. Additionally, the distillery at The Macallan uses only custom oaks casks in which they mature their whiskey. These oak casks are responsible for the quality, colors, aromas, and flavors that are present in all bottles of The Macallan whiskey.

Speaking of color, The Macallan is one of the few distilleries in the world that uses all-natural colors. That means that you can rest easy with your bottle of The Macallan, knowing that there are no additives that have changed or enhanced the color of your whiskey. Every color you see is all-natural and depends entirely upon the custom oak cask in which the whiskey was matured.


The oak casks used to mature this 30-year-old sherry oak were hand-picked from Jerez by the experts at The Macallan distillery. These casks help guarantee the richness and complexity you will experience from your first sip and the dark mahogany (all-natural) color you see. A small sniff will bombard your nostrils with scents of smoke, nutmeg, and oranges, while a delicious sip will reward you with the smooth taste of smoke, sherry, and fruits. The finish left on your tongue will remind you of orange and spices and leave you looking for your next glass.


The barley used for this special bottle of whiskey came straight from the ground at The Macallan Estate, hence the name. This whiskey's homegrown factor gives it a unique aspect that is hard to mimic. This beautiful chestnut-colored whiskey gives off comforting scents of cinnamon, dried fruits, and caramel, which will make it a pleasure just to sit and sniff.

However, when you finally decide to take your first sip, your tongue will be met with the sweet flavors of candied raisins and the palate-clearing taste of oranges and other citruses. The aftertaste of sweet citrus will leave you thirsting for just one more taste. This bottle won the "Grand Master" award in 2009.


The color of this beautiful spirit is officially called "Spanish Sunset", which is sure to evoke stunning scenes of peacefulness. This whiskey was created by The Macallan with the specific goal in mind to showcase the range of the natural colors produced by The Macallan distillery. Your nose will be overwhelmed by the scents of cinnamon, dark chocolate, and raisins, while your tongue will thank you for the great tastes of orange, apples, and clove. You will indeed find this silky drink smooth with a full finish and a long one.


This gorgeous bottle of whiskey was also made with the unique goal in mind of displaying all the natural colors that come out of The Macallan dispensary. This particular bottle displays a wonderful rosewood color that brings to mind elegance and sophistication. Ginger, green apples and dried fruits are the scents that will greet your nose with that first small sniff of your glass.

As the beautiful liquid tips into your mouth, you will be able to notice hints of wood and wood smoke. The long and full finish screams the raisin taste and will leave you craving another small taste.


This whiskey combines the original Macallan distilling style with the sweetness characteristic of American oak casks. "Harvest Sun" is the color of this gorgeous bottle, and you can clearly see why it is called this. The beautiful color of this spirit is reminiscent of a beautiful, hazy late summer day. Deliciously tempting scents of butterscotch, vanilla, and candied orange will meet your nose, and your eager tongue will be delighted at the hints of caramel, honey, and raisins. A rich aftertaste of oak lingers in your mouth, giving proof of the American oak casks used to mature this whiskey.

macallan-edition-no.6-speyside-single-malt-scotch-whisky-48.6-percent-700ml-id-16805 (1)

This brass-colored whiskey is inspired by the gorgeous landscapes around The Macallan distillery, specifically the River Spey that flows nearby. Your nose may be delightfully overwhelmed with all of the scents it might detect: oak, toffee, ginger, fruits, vanilla, chocolate, and nutmeg. Delicious hints of nutmeg, orange, and toffee will delight your tongue and make you want another sip. However, do not get ahead of yourself.

Pause and savor the finish on this sweet whiskey and admire the aftertaste of spiced fruits.


The idea behind this collection of whiskey is simple: sustainability. The Macallan partnered with Jordi Roca to bring a unique twist to whiskey: that of chocolate. When whiskey maker Polly Logan visited the Jordi chocolate factory, inspiration was born, as was this yummy bottle of whiskey. This cacao-bean-colored whiskey is sure to delight with hints of chocolate, ginger, and honey making its way through your olfactory system.

After you have recovered from the fantastic smell, go ahead and take a small sip and admire the soft tastes of vanilla, cinnamon, and dark chocolate. The aftertaste is long-lasting and chocolatey, appeasing your whiskey appetite and sweet tooth. If you are a whiskey and chocolate enthusiast, get your own bottle and drink it at your own pace.

macallan-reflexion-1824-masters-series-43-percent-700ml-id-18925 (1)

Last, we have The Macallan Reflexion bottle, which is both gorgeous to look at and delicious to drink. Matured in sherry-seasoned oak casks, this whiskey is an all-natural blood orange color that will shock your senses. Your nose will thank you for the subtle hints of citrus, green apples, and caramel, while your tongue will love the robust tastes of cinnamon, citrus, and raisins. The soft finish included with this whiskey will settle your sweet cravings due to the aftertaste of boiled sweets and oak.

Whisky bottles from The Macallan

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