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Fabio Rossi founded Rum Nation in 1999. While traveling around the world, Mr. Rossi began collecting select rum casks from his many different destinations. Since these casks came from all around the world, there is a tremendous variety in the styles of rum that each cask produces. That makes Rum Nation so great: borders do not separate this nation. You do not have to be born in a specific place to be a citizen. All you have to do is love rum, which is easy to do!

Official website: rumnation.com

The first Rum Nation bottling was for two barrels of 25-year-old Jamaica and another barrel of 24-year-old Demerara. Next, Fabio Rossi acquired barrels from Scotland and Britain and left them to age in a warehouse in England. However, Rum Nation does not only make British (and British colony) style rums. Caribbean-style rum, which many would argue is the more famous origin location for rum, is also a specialty of Rum Nation. After exploring St. Lucia, Guyana, and Santo Domingo, Fabio Rossi found new rums to add to the Rum Nation collection.

Mac Y Group A/S purchased Rum Nation in 2018 and now thrives as part of this group under the name Rum Nation International A/S. Do not worry; even though Rum Nation has recently changed ownership, they still continue a partnership with Fabio Rossi. That means that Rum Nation still receives input from the man who created the rum line. You can taste the care and love that goes into each delicious bottle of Rum Nation rum. As a matter of fact, Rum Nation has received awards for six different rums that they offer!


One bottle Rum Nation has won an award for is the Panama 18yo. This bottle of rum is beautiful to look at, but it is even better to drink! With your first sip, you can taste the richness of the pure sugar cane that it was brewed with. As an added surprise, you should also be able to taste dates, chocolate, and tropical fruits. It will appear the surprises do not stop when you taste just a hint of oranges. Some say that this rum reminds them of wine. Whatever you taste, just know that you will not be disappointed.


Another Rum Nation's award-winning rums is the XO Guatemala 20th Anniversary Edition. This delicious Guatemalan rum has been aged for at least 4 years in ex-bourbon barrels in the tropical climate of Belize. It is made from pure sugar cane molasses and distilled in a column still. The secret to this bottle's richness is that it has been through a second maturation all the way in Italy! This rum has a rich taste, including fruits, vanilla, and raisins, giving it a sweet and nutty flavor. Many say that the sweetness in this rum is enough to overtake the alcohol burn completely.


The 2016 Jamaica 5yo bottle is another of Rum Nation's examples of award-winning rums. Though only 5 years old, this rum has already made quite a statement in the rum world. This rum is first matured in the Caribbean and then refined for up to 18 months, either in Oloroso barrels or Pedro Ximenez casks. As a result, this rum is a perfect combination of the aromas and vitality of Jamaican rum and the complexity of sherry. This rum is powerful, giving you wine, juice, and fruit tastes. In addition, you may be able to taste some wood tastes, and the peppery Jamaican rum will stay on your tongue for a long time!


Demerara Solera No. 14 is a fantastic, award-winning rum also brought to you by Rum Nation. This spicy rum is aged in ex-Bourbon oak barrels and then aged some more in fresh sherry butts. It is made from pure sugar cane molasses in British Guyana, using both pot stills and column stills. A very small amount of Enmore rum is added at the very end. This helps provide more complexity to the bottle, as well as its dark character. This rum will give you the tastes of molasses, coffee, and dark chocolate, making it both dark and sweet. You may also get a taste of herbs and raisins.

rum-nation-peruano-8yo-42-percent-700ml-id-13141 (1)

Another award-winning bottle from Rum Nation worth mentioning is the Peruano. This bottle was made in the same way it has been made for over 50 years, deep in the Lambayeque region of Peru. This rum is both sweet and syrupy while keeping freshness and crispness, making it quite enjoyable in cocktails. As you sip, you will be rewarded with an intense and rich taste of both sweetness and spiciness. Dates and figs offer sweetness, while the spiciness is provided by cinnamon and pepper.

Additionally, Rum Nation also offers a wide selection of rare rums. This is a new small-batch selection of rums that makes it easy for you to find the perfect gift for the rum-lover in your life. The bottles are subject to the new design features offered by Rum Nation, including glass stoppers and a tube that makes it the perfect gift. In addition, a tropical aging label, which shows the proud new owner of the bottle that it was matured at the same distillery it originated in, also covered these bottles. This means that all the bottles with the special label were made and distilled at the same place: in a tropical climate.

Rum bottles from Rum Nation

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