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Founded by Joshua Singh and his brother in the year 2008, S.B.S (1423) is a line of Danish rums and whiskeys. The S.B.S selection – single barrel selection means that all rums and whiskeys in the collection come from a single cask. The brand originally started with Whiskey, releasing its first bottle 1423 1st edition, and then soon ventured into rums. They focus on pure and straight rum from the barrel; they do not add additives or chill-filtration to their blends.

Joshua Singh is passionate about his craft, and the attention to detail that is shown in their blends shines through. The rums are either imported to Denmark or sourced from the distilleries directly; then they are aged in the casks for as long as they see fit, never bottling any rums that do not meet S.B.S’s high standards. They even go as far as swapping barrels several times to get the best finish for the rum. They genuinely believe that you cannot produce a good rum without sourcing good materials; they spend a lot of time ensuring that the barrels in the warehouse are of excellent condition, as this makes all the difference with the final product.

Official website: singlebarrelselection.com

The single barrel selection of rums is bottled in the headquarters in Denmark, done so, as the brand likes to have control over the entire process. The rums are bottled in a way that they highlight as many specifications of each rum as possible, so the customer is aware of the individuality of every bottle S.B.S produce. This goes as far as the colours on the bottles; depending on the country of origin, the colour on the label of the bottle will be different. Meaning, that if you want to find a bottle of rum from, let’s say, Cuba, you will easily be able to spot it due to its baby blue label shown below.

Or, if you want to go closer to the home of the company, then you will be able to identify their bottle of Danish rum with a beautiful baby pink label.

The owners of S.B.S love to experiment with different tastes and from different cultures, showcasing every country’s individual characteristics with their rums. Joshua Singh produced a “24 days of rum” advent calendar, showcasing 24 countries and their takes on rums. S.B.S wants to make it easy to discover rums from different areas of the world, still selling 24 different countries on their website now.


S.B.S have produced many fine rums, the 2008 Barbados edition being one of them. This rum comes in 55%, and there were only 371 bottles made from the casket! Aged for nine years from 2008 to 2017, the rum is molasses-based, meaning you can drink it by itself because of the sweetness or use it in your favourite cocktails. Notes of orange and muscovado come through with the aroma of the drink, while bananas, milk chocolate, and cane sugar come together for an exquisite rum-tasting experience for the palate.


S.B.S Guyana 1998 is distilled in Uitvlugt and then bottled in Denmark as with all S.B.S rums. There were only 157 bottles of this rum bottled and in circulation. Means you might not have too long to get your hands on this bottle. Aged for 19 years between the year 1998 and 2017, the rum was originally matured in an ex-bourbon barrel and then went on to be matured a second time, this time in an Oloroso barrel; this double maturing process helps leave its mark on the rum. Presenting the palate with dried oak when you drink it, the taste of alcohol strikes first as this rum is 62.4% alcohol. Irish coffee comes through once you get through the woodiness and strong alcohol taste, with some hints of honey and burned sugar. The aroma of the rum comes at you with strength but is not overpowering. Coffee and chocolate both come together with hints of caramel, dried figs, and mild orange.


S.B.S Trinidad “the beast”, is a fitting name for this rum as it really comes at you with immense flavours. Aged for 26 years in the Caroni distillery and coming in at 50.7% alcohol, only 239 bottles of this rum have ever been made. Looking at the bottle, you know it’s going to pack and punch, and it doesn’t fail; the nose is presented with notes of tropical fruit, Caroni funk, nuts, coffee, and chocolate. The flavour of the rum brings diesel and mint, with hints of Caroni and oak coming through for the finish. A true gem in the S.B.S collection.


S.B.S Jamaica 2007 is another molasses-based rum, distilled in the Monymusk distillery and bottled in Denmark. This rum is matured twice over 11 years span, the first being in an ex-bourbon barrel, and the second is done in a Pedro Ximenez barrel. The bottle has a lovely green label on it, identifying the source of the rum is Jaimica, meaning you can identify it easily when you find it in the shops. The aroma of this rum is complex due to the combination of flavours, exotic fruits come through as well as spice mix and tobacco. The standout flavours for this rum come from the second maturation in the Pedro Ximenez barrel. You are greeted with fruity notes in the beginning, highlighting the Jamaican presence, and the rum finishes with rubber and gasoline—a fantastic mix of flavours with care taken from the maturation stage to the bottle.


The S.B.S 2004 Venezuela bottle is another fantastic addition to the collection; the rum was distilled by C.A.C.D, a company that has more than 30 years under its belt. The smell of apples strikes you when you open the bottle, with hints of cinnamon and dried apricot. The taste? Flavours of Irish coffee with a slight flavour of oak help carry the coffee flavour. The tasting experience ends with dulce de leche bringing it all together.

Rum bottles from S.B.S

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